A Junky Free Table on The Side of The Road…

So, if you’re prone to reading this blog, be patient. It’s going to take me a while to figure out the hang of it AND get in the groove, but I shall persevere!  (I actually believe no one has found me yet. Notice I said yet)?

I wanted to show this little table I got on the side of the road. It was free! and it was dirty and pretty dinged up.


Pretty gross huh? It was gummy, coffee stained and covered in filth. It looked like something had chewed on the corners at some point. Poor little table.

I thought though, there had to be some potential to it, so I brought it home.

First thing I did was to get out my trusty little hand sander and slap some new paper on it. I didn’t even bother to try and clean the table any. I figured I’d just sand it all off. (When you get to know me better, you’ll realize I love to just sand the crap out of stuff!)


Not to bad huh? I really did sand it down quiet a bit. For the chewed up corners I cut most of the edge clean off and then sanded a little more, just rounding the corners a little.

I let it sit for about a week until I decided what I wanted to do with it. We have all kinds of left over paint stored at our house, so I took a look and picked a color.


Here it is partially painted. As you can tell, I went with good ole’ white. After I had painted the whole thing. I again, hit it with the sander. I repeated this step a couple times. Painted a few more coats and sanded some more.

I started to think about the whole french shabby chic’ thing, when it looks like some glorious vintage advertisement? and I wondered…how would I do that? I did a little looking around on the internet and decided to give it a try! Unfortunately, I was to busy playing and forgot all about taking photo’s for the steps, I’m sure I will do this technique again on some unsuspecting table…or chair…or stool…or bench?  For now, I’ll just explain without pictures.

Going online, I looked at a lot of different french inspired old advertisements, which actually led me to some websites with free downloads for templates or stencils. That is where I found mine. I must apologies again, as I do not remember which website it was. I will in the future make sure I save this information, so I can give credit, where credit is due! After picking my design, I simply printed it out BACKWARD on a piece of printed paper. I set my printer setting to print with as much ink as possible, so when I flipped the image and set it on my table, it would transfer as best it could.

Here’s the part that’s a little tricky. BEFORE placing your printed design face down where you would like to transfer it, lightly (lightly!) spritz the spot with water from a spray bottle. Then carefully place your paper with the printed design face down upon the spray. Hold it there! Do NOT move it. ((Like those old play tattoos you would get in the Cracker Jack box)). Take the end (cap end or bottom end) of a Sharpie pen and rub along the image on the back of the paper. (I actually ended up spritzing the back of my paper a bit too. I would let it dry for just a second and then rub along the image with my Sharpie). Be careful you do not get the paper too wet. If your not super careful, it can have a tendency to either smear the ink on your table OR tear the paper because it’s too damp. I smeared mine a couple times until I got the hang of it and had to repaint & sand that part. Practice makes perfect! Even if it does make you want to scream! 😉



Here’s how mine turned out! After I was done rubbing the paper transfer with the end of the Sharpie, I carefully peeled the paper off and …(drum roll please…) my design had been transferred onto my table! I was super proud of myself! Especially looking back at the photo’s of what that sad little table had looked like on the side of the road. There is no comparison now!




Here it is, in all it’s glory! I’m in love 😉  As you can see, the sanding really gave it a gently aged look, but not too aged. The drawer pulls were brass and were really filthy. I just soaked them in the sink in warm water & detergent and shined them up with a soft cloth. It seemed to do the trick!


I’m so impressed that I’m on the hunt for another freebie! Who know what I’ll find!



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