What the heck is Primitive Inspirations and who the heck am I?

Primitive Inspirations is an idea I thought of years & years ago, when my two daughters were very young. At the time, I would dabble at creating primitive dolls when time permitted. You know, between working, raising little’s and all the other things that come with full time life. Between then and now, my little’s have turned into semi-big’s, ( 19 & 23 ), I have changed careers ( real estate ) and am broadening my primitive ideas. 

That said, here’s where I am now: 46 years old, married, and looking through eyes that ask…how can I make that look PRIMITIVE….Can I rust it? Can I knock it around a bit? Should I run it over with the car? Throw some coffee on it? Cook it in the oven?

You get the point, I’m sure. 

Needless to say, I am inspired by anything primitive. Therefore….(enter drumbeat here) …



Aren’t I smart?    🙂